Resistance Band Training

Many of us choose costly weights and units when it comes to strength training. But we are unaware of more practical options – resistance and kinetic bands. This equipment is not popular since people are very little notified about its advantages and use.

Effectiveness of Resistance Bands
• You can efficiency different workouts with its help. It adds range to a fitness exercise. It barely takes more than couple of sessions to understand this equipment.
• It takes pleasure in some benefits over weights. You have the choice of changing training routines by altering the attachment points of the band, which is not possible in case of dumbbells and barbells.
• There is hardly any possibility of injuries while performing training with it.
• It can be quickly transferred. Therefore, it is a great physical fitness training companion while you are traveling.
• It is low-cost.
Selecting a Resistance Band
Kinetic and various other resistance bands are available in numerous resistance levels. Levels are typically categorised as extremely heavy, heavy, average and light. They can be used separately as well as in mix for carrying out a workout. They are color coded for the purpose of making distinction in between them. You should buy bands of various levels as you need it in ranges of exercises. A newbie should start with light resistance equipment. Once the person has mastered it, she or he can graduate to more hard exercise with thicker resistance bands.
Training with the Band
You can utilize the band with different levels of resistance bands. Here are some fundamental moves:
Chest Press
Fasten a resistance to a stable structure, ideally a pole, at chest height. A door can be a good option too. Ensure that the door is nicely bolted to avoid accident. Holding the band in hand, step to a position by dealing with in the contrary direction of the door. You have to transfer to such a position where you can experience appropriate stress from the band. Throughout the motion, your arms (elbows) need to be parallel to the floor.
Seated Row
For performing this exercise you can use the exact same established of the previous workout. You just should turn around to face the resistance band. Pull the band holding one handle in each hand. The elbows must go behind but see to it you do not pull to fantastic degree. This step will give a good workout to the back muscles.
Bicep Curls
This is a similar training done with barbells and dumbbells. Base on the middle of the band with manages in both the arms. Now, curl up your arms till it reaches close to your shoulders. You can make the exercise more difficult by utilizing a greater resistance band. You can also base on the equipment with legs wide apart to make the move more difficult.
You should start with a lighter resistance band in the initial phase of your training. As soon as you feel comfy with the band of a particular resistance level, you can make use of heavier ones.