Best Fat Burning Workout

The main reason that people get so confused for example with Cardio training is that there are tons of “experts”, out there that are each telling everyone the complete opposite of one another. Each “expert” has their own strict beliefs and understandings, so for the average Joe that is just interested in ways to burn some extra fat with simple Cardio exercises, it can be really confusing. In this short piece I will talk about some of the best ways to have a fat burning workout and the key for you is picking out the one that works for you.

The best fat burning workouts for you to burn fat quickly

– Low intensity Cardio training has been around for a long time and it really works for a lot of people, when done as a part of a complete system. Some people can get really great results doing 40-45 minute low intensity Cardio workouts but what works for some may not work for you. The main problem with low intensity workouts by themselves is that you may not burn enough calories. Some people believe that there is a magic workout length for example some so called experts say 35-40 minutes is the magic number and so it does not matter how much effort you put in. But if you are not burning enough calories to tip the balance to the fat burning mode then you will not burn fat, no matter how long you workout.

– High intensity Cardio is the more complete solution as apposed to the low intensity Cardio. Simple logic will tell you that the more effort you put in to the workout the more calories you will burn. Most people are too busy and just don’t have the time to spend 40-45 minutes doing a workout, solution is doing a high intensity workout for 15 minute or so, would be a smarter choice. But there is a problem with this type of workout as well. If you are ony exercising for 15 minutes then you may not be burning enough calories to be able to lose fat. Yes, you will burn more calories with high intensity 15 minute workout then you would with 15 low intensity, but is that enough? A Cardio exercise that burns fat effectively has to be at least 20-25 minutes long, and by that rule a short 15 minutes may not be a long enough workout to get the desired results.

– The best workout for you could be a combination of both types of training.

Some people have more success with one type of exercise program , while others are successful with another. So if you want to find the best workout type for you best, that works then you just have to experiment and find that out. Do not be afraid to try new routines and do not get bogged down in following rules that some “expert” tells you is absolutely THE WAY Find the right length and intensity that works best for your condition and body shape. And “GO FOR IT”